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FH Krems - Studium Applied Chemistry (Bachelor's Programme) (full time study programme)

General information:
Address: 3500 Krems,
Piaristengasse 1
Tel: +43-2732-802-222
E-Mail: information@fh-krems.ac.at
Homepage: www.fh-krems.ac.at

Contact information:

Prospective Student Advisory Service:
E: information@fh-krems.ac.at
T: +43(0)2732/802-222

Structure of the study program:

The basics - Semesters 1-4
At the beginning of the programme you do courses covering the basic subjects of chemistry and related disciplines.

Practical experience - Semester 5
You complete a 22-week internship in semester 5, giving you the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge you have acquired in your lectures.

Electives - Semester 6
Towards the end of your degree you will study familiar topics in more depth and opt for one of the two electives: Instrumental Analysis and Chemometrics or Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Study information:
Occupational field: Technology and Engineering Sciences
Type of study program bachelor's programme
Organisational form: full-time study programme
Languages of instruction English
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc.)
Tuition fees: For more information please consult our website: www.fh-krems.ac.at

Bachelor Info days:

  • 13 December 2018
  • 21 March 2019

IMC openhouse:

  • 23 February 2019

For further information regarding the application deadlines please refer to www.fh-krems.ac.at.

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Qualifikationsprofil & Berufsbild
You receive a solid foundation in general, analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, as well as biochemistry.
You’ll also study mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics and chemical process engineering. The theoretical knowledge you acquire is consolidated in the course of practical exercises, and you receive hands-on training in the chemistry lab.
You can do your internship in Austria or abroad. Choose whether you want to gain experience of working at a university or in the chemicals industry – it’s up to you. IMC Krems has partnerships with internationally respected research institutes and prominent chemical companies, meaning that you can benefit from this well-established network.
The internship makes up the practical element of your bachelor paper and also helps many students on their way to building a subsequent career at their chosen research institute or a company.
The Instrumental Analysis and Chemometrics elective covers the statistical analysis of measurements, multidimensional data analysis and experimental design. So you’re ideally prepared for solving problems related to product safety, and environmental, pharmaceutical, forensic and polymer analysis.
In the Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry elective, you acquire advanced skills in computer-aided simulation of reactions and chemical processes. This expertise is especially important in the pharmaceutical industry and essential for the production of fine chemicals.

Studienziel & Studienschwerpunkt

IMC Krems’ Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme is taught in English and is aligned with the requirements of today’s chemicals industry.
For instance, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on chemometrics – the application of statistical methods in the planning, development and selection of chemical processes and experiments – and the related IT-supported analysis of large volumes of data (big data analysis).
Both of these are becoming key aspects of quality assurance and online process optimisation.
The modelling of molecules and simulation of experiments using computer-aided techniques is also crucial for efficient drug design in the pharmaceuticals industry.
In addition, the innovative programme skilfully combines this with comprehensive training in chemistry as well as groundbreaking topics such as the use of renewable raw materials, and waste recycling and reuse.
By linking chemistry subjects with the study of computer-based methods, students acquire the competences for which industry demand will become stronger and stronger.



To qualify for admission to a university of applied sciences bachelor degree programme, you must have an Austrian school-leaving certificate or an equivalent qualification.

We’ll check to make sure it’s equivalent to an Austrian certificate in accordance with section 4 of the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act (FHStG) after you’ve submitted your complete online application and all the relevant documents.

Your English language proficiency will be assessed at your interview, so there is no need to provide additional evidence of your English skills. 

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