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FH Steyr - Studium Marketing and Electronic Business (Bachelor's Programme) (full time/career-parallel study programme)

General information:
Address: 4400 Steyr/Austria,
Wehrgrabengasse 1-3
Tel: +43 (0)50804-33400
Fax: +43 (0)50804-33499
E-Mail: meb@fh-steyr.at
Homepage: http://www.fh-ooe.at/meb

Contact information:
Director of Studies: FH-Prof. Mag. Gerald Petz
Programme Administration: Johanna Huber
Phone +43 (0)50804-33400 Fax: -33499
Study information:
Occupational field: Economy & Management
Type of study program bachelor's programme
Organisational form: full-time study programme, career-parallel study programme
Languages of instruction German
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)
Duration of study program: 6 Semesters
Number of study places per year: 50
Semester abroad: made possible by the flexible syllabus
Tuition fees: 363,36¤ / Semester

Application deadline: 31st January, 31st March and 30th June

Open house:  10th November 2017, 16th March 2018


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Qualifikationsprofil & Berufsbild

Business and commerce today would be unthinkable without the internet. Cyberspace has fundamentally changed the way all economic activity is undertaken and success in the market place is achieved. A company website is just the tip of the iceberg: buying behaviour is changing constantly due to increased transparency and purchasing power, and online marketing has become an increasingly important selling strategy for any dynamic company. Globalisation and cost pressures have made the internet the key tool for information and communication in the B-2-B marketplace, most transactions between companies are nowadays settled via the net. Today, any enterprise faces a huge variety of concommitant challenges in different areas including in marketing and management, and dealing with the pressures created by the World Wide Web and the social and ethical concerns of society.

Our MEB degree programme addresses all these key issues and offers a profound economic and interdisciplinary education that aims to provide answers to many complex problems.


Studienziel & Studienschwerpunkt
MEB graduates will be well equipped to provide an in-demand skills resource to a wide variety of companies across most commercial and industrial sectors. The vital importance of the internet is increasingly being recognised especially in traditional fields. This has opened up many new opportunities in marketing and sales for more efficient structures and procedures. What is more, our MEB programme is a perfect primer for setting up your own company.
Depending on personal drive, a graduate will be well qualified for a successful career in a variety of fields including :
  • project management in marketing and electronic business
  • marketing- und e-marketing management
  • e-business- und e-commerce-management
  • product management in an aspect of the internet
  • management of internet and media coverage

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