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FH Dornbirn - Studium Computer Sciences (Bachelor's Programme) (full time study programme) new

General information:
Tel: + 43 (0)5572 792 5100
Fax: +43 (0)5572 792 9500
E-Mail: informatik-info@fhv.at
Homepage: http://www.fhv.at

Contact information:

Head of Degree Program: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Regine Bolter; Studiengangsadministration:

Degree Program Administration: Andrea Bitschnau: T + 43 (0)5572 792 5100, informatik-info@fhv.at

Study information:
Beginning of the study program: 2004/05
Occupational field: Computer Sciences
Type of study program bachelor's programme
Organisational form: full-time study programme
Languages of instruction German
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering; kurz: BSc

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Qualifikationsprofil & Berufsbild

Graduates of Computer Science are creative individuals with a broad and in-depth core education in computer science who have a comprehensive understanding of technology and the ability to implement ideas and solutions. As qualified software developers, they are able to:

  • Independently analyze problems, choose the right hardware and implement solutions using software
  • Successfully work on complex innovative solutions to problems using the tools of project management
  • Establish their own IT business or work as an IT freelancer
  • Grasp theoretical questions of computer sciences and follow current debates on computer science

Studienziel & Studienschwerpunkt

The best prerequisite for an IT career is a degree in computer science. Graduates of Computer Science will be well qualified to work in areas that are becoming even more important for the IT sector:

  • IT security was neglectec for a long time but is now crucial for many middle-sized-companies
  • Another developing sector with a lot of potential for growth is E-government services
  • There has been a marked increase in Web services, that is, all types of IT services that are accessible via the Internet from any site and with any end system
  • Mobile telephony continues to be a driving force behind developments in the IT market

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