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FH Dornbirn - Studium Industrial Engineering and Management (Bachelor's Programme) (career-parallel study programme) new

General information:
Tel: +43 (0) 5572 792 5500
Fax: +43 (0) 5572 792 9500
E-Mail: wing-info@fhv.at
Homepage: http://www.fhv.at

Contact information:

Head of Degree Program: Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Gunter Olsowski

Degree Program Administration: Dipl. Päd. Birgit Mathis, T +43(0)5572 792 5500, wing-info@fhv.at

Study information:
Beginning of the study program: 2004/05
Occupational field: Economy & Technology
Type of study program bachelor's programme
Organisational form: career-parallel study programme
Languages of instruction German
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Engineering; kurz: BSc

Top Jobs für AbsolventInnen
79 Top Jobs, recherchiert in allen Jobbörsen und Stellenanzeigen-Websites in Österreich

Qualifikationsprofil & Berufsbild
Business management and intra-personal / interpersonal skills: 40%

Engineering and information technology: 30%

Advanced studies and interdisciplinary integration (all areas: 25%

English and/or another foreign language: 5%

Students with a high-level of proficiency in English may elect to test out of English and either take Italian, French or Spanish as their first foreign language or continue taking English in combination with one of these other languages. In addition to language instruction, English is also the language of instruction of some content classes.


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